Hello there! After such positive feedback from my last piece of writing Dear Depression i have decided to start sharing more of my writing. It’s a big way for me to express my thoughts and feelings, therfore added a category called 

Trapped in the prison of my own mind, locking me in this dark and lonely place. My thoughts capturing me as they lead me to believe some horrible things, that aren’t even close to reality. I’m held captured by my own fears and insecurities. 

I can’t escape and its becoming hard to breathe. I’m left walking in circles like i’m trapped in a cage. My mind slamming against the metal bars, trying to break free from this constant hurt and pain. 

Tsunamis of thoughts, feelings and memories crash over me. Dark thoughts show my past just like a highlight reel of good times, however those times wasn’t so great.

Always keeping my head bowed, too afraid of what the future holds. Afraid of the hurt and pain that continues to be delivered. I’m lost in the confusion of my own mind, looking for a way out, but i’m met with nothing but darkness and dead ends.

Why am i trapped here? Will this last forever? 

I look forward to seeing you soon on another post, Tee Blogs over and out!


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