Meeting Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)

Hello there! If any of you are a fan of Alfie Deyes, also known as Pointlessblog on Youtube, you will be aware that he just released ‘Pointlessbook 3’Ā 

For the release of this book he did a live show in London to talk about the book and answer some questions from Emma Gannon and the audience! Everybody who had tickets to the show also got a copy of his book which was signed by the star himself.

Before Alfie came on stage a 5 minute video played on a large screen. This was video clips from all of Alfie’s daily vlogs, including his very first videos on Youtube. This video showed the message that Alfie stands for…Doing what makes you happy. It also showed how much he has grown as a person and as a Youtube creator since starting his Youtube career.

It was announced that 100 people will win the chance to meet Alfie and get a picture with him. At the end of the show he told us to all open our books to the back page, if you had a gold sticker that means you won the chance to meet him…Luckily i was one of the hundred to have a sticker, meaning i got to meet him in person!

When going up to meet him, he was very much the person he presents himself to be online. I got a hug from him then we got a selfie (Not a great one though as it was pretty rushed) and he said how he loved my hoodie as it was a part of his merchandise. He then said Thank you for supporting him and that he loves me. šŸ™‚ It was unfortunately a very quick meet and greet but better than none at all right?

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Our selfie! Also Posted on Instagram!
The amount of Merchandise i own of Alfie’s has also increased!

I look forward to seeing you soon on another post, Tee Blogs over and out!


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