Dear Depression

Hey there! Today’s post is nothing like the usual, its a piece of writing that i thought i’ll share…

Dear Depression,

I don’t understand you and don’t think i ever will; You confuse me. At times i think you hate me because you like to ruin my life, but the more i think about it, the more i realise you actually love me because you won’t leave me alone.

Every time i start to believe things are getting better and i’m finally leaving you, it’s never the case as you have a way of pulling me back further than i was previously and reminding me that you still want to be my friend. I don’t want you in my life nor need you to play a part in it. You tell me so many things such as i’m worthless, replaceable, that nobody loves me and i’m better of dead. I know this is you telling me these things, yet you make me believe you. You make living a daily challenge. So please let me go, let me breath, let me live, let be happy and escape!

Take me back to a time when i didn’t mind how much you affected my state of mind.

Take me back to a time where i can go to sleep without you running round my head telling me i’m better of dead.

Take me back to a time where i didn’t have to question every person who walked into my life because, you told me that they really have a knife behind my back and was there to disrespect me.

Take me back to a time when it wasn’t a crime to just lay down and let the time pass me by.

You’re ruining my life.

If i could remove one thing from my life forever, i’ll package you in a box, duct tape it up and put the destination to hell, exactly where you belong. Then i don’t need to hear the sound of your evil again.

I can only dream what life would be like without you because, through therapy and medications you bring a harder and stronger fight; knowing you will win in the end. Are you going to carry on until i finally give up completely?

Please…Let me be…

I look forward to seeing you soon on another post, Tee Blogs over and out!


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