Hello there! So not too long ago i went to the Lush in Oxford Street for the first time ever! Now, this lush store is the biggest one in the world so i was literally in heaven haha. You don’t even have to walk in to the store to smell the mixture of scents! Now to show you what i picked up!

Bath Bombs:


I picked up 10 different bath bombs, not including any in gifts. Four of these where a ‘Kitchen Exclusive’ meaning they are only available at the Oxford street store or online. So from top left to right i have: Dragons egg, Twilight, Blackberry bath bomb, Sakura, Metamorphosis, Guardian of the forest, Ylang song bathbomb, Sex bomb, Think pink and Cyanide pill. The kitchen exclusives are Metamorphosis, Guardian of the forest, Ylang song bathbomb and Cyanide pill. I feel i got a good collection that also includes my three all time favourites (Twilight, Sakura and Sex bomb)

Bubble Bars:


I picked up six different bubble bars, however the giant pink and orange one can be cut in half as they’re so big. The ones i picked up are: The comforter, Milky bath, Brightside, Yuzu and cocoa, Big bang and Rose jam. All of these bubble bars are available at any lush store. To use a bubble bar you crumble them under running water and they then create tons of bubbles and depending on what one you use they also change the colour of the water. 

Gift sets:

present 1 collage.jpg

This was the first gift set i got, costing £16.75. It is called Happy Daze. This gift set comes with two bath bombs and two smaller versions of a bubble bar. The two bath bombs are: The Experimenter and Fizzbanger. The two bubble bars (Which i got the larger version of) are: The comforter and Brightside. This gift set is wrapped beautifully just like all the others!

present 2 collage.jpg

This was the second gift set called Buttercup. Now this set was much smaller than the previous and cost less. The cost was £8.95. This gift set includes: Honey i washed the kids soap and the butterball bath bomb. Both of these products are very moisturising for the skin and smell amazing! 



These five items don’t really have a category so i’ll just put them under extras haha. I picked up one body conditioner called ‘Ro’s Argan’ which i have had before and is amazing! I also picked up one shower cream called ‘The comforter’ (Yes same name as the bubble bar) they in fact have a similar smell too. I then picked up three different soaps! The ones i picked up are: (From left to right) Milky bar (Same as the bubble bar), Rockstar and Layered cake. Rockstar is the perfect replacement for the popular Christmas scent ‘Snow Fairy’ which smells incredible!

That is all i have for you, for the time being! I would recommend all of these amazing products. If you are lucky enough to visit the Lush Oxford Street store…definitely do so! What is your favourite lush product?

I look forward to seeing you soon on another post, Tee Blogs over and out!


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