Wrist Tattoo’s

Hello there! So today i thought i would share what my wrist tattoos are and their meaning behind them both. I get asked what my tattoo’s mean by so many people when they first see them so why not just make a blog post about them?

Lets start with my first tattoo! This tattoo is placed on my right wrist facing towards me. It was the first tattoo i got and the one that got me wanting so many more.yugyif7.pngThe infinity sign means never ending. I then decided that i was going to get the word ‘love‘ written within the infinity sign to represent my love for the people in my life is never ending. One thing i love about this tattoo is that it can relate to so many things including, family, friends, relationship, pets and even my own family in the future! Overall a pretty simple tattoo but still has a powerful meaning to me!

This tattoo didn’t hurt much at all!! (Probably another factor that made me want more) It felt like a cat scratch but then again i’m sure iv’e had cat scratches that hurt more than getting this tattoo done haha!

On to the second tattoo. This tattoo is on my left wrist, again facing towards myself. This tattoo has a more personal meaning. Out of my two tattoos this is the one people ask me about the most.hgiu.pngThe first sign is anchor. The main meaning for the anchor is strength. One thing i have needed lots of to still be living right now. The anchor tattoo is also the Victorian symbol for hope. The second sign is a semi-colon. The part of my tattoo that confuses so many people. No i’m not a huge fan of punctuation that i got it tattooed onto my skin haha. The overall meaning for the semi-colon tattoo is “A semi-colon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.” This part of my tattoo means the most to me personally. Looking at it reminds me of how much iv’e been through in life so far, and the strength within me to keep pushing through the daily battles. The last sign that makes up this tattoo is a simple heart. This is to remind me that i am not only to love other people around me, but i also need to love and take care of myself. 

This tattoo again didn’t hurt much at all. It hurt a little more than my first but totally tolerable pain. 

I hope you were able to learn more about the meaning of my tattoos. I’m still currently looking for the perfect third tattoo! Do you have any tattoos? Let me know if you do and what they are off in the comments below!

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I look forward to seeing you soon on another post, Tee Blogs over and out!


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