My Favourite Perfumes

Hello there! Looking for the perfect fragrance or just wanting to know my personal favourites? Then you are in the right place! I’m going to show you my favourite perfumes at the moment…12 in total! I’ve managed to break them down into three different sections. There is the Rihanna section, Other Singers and then other brands.

Rihanna section

BeFunky Collage.jpg

I LOVE Rihanna’s fragrances!!! In fact my all time favourite perfume is ‘Nude’ by Rihanna. (The taller bottle in the picture, second from the left) I have had to replace this Perfume many times, due to running out. I have also been asked multiple times by strangers whilst out and wearing this scent, what perfume i’m wearing. It is a long lasting scent which i really like about this perfume. It did come out a few years ago but still my all time favourite. This fragrance has a sweet yet floral scent. I definitely recommend you to check out this perfume. Who knows it may become your favourite too! Secondly (Well the first bottle in this picture) is ‘Crush’, another long lasting scent. Personally i would say this is more of a summer scent. The design of the bottle is really pretty and this fragrance is more of a fruity scent. Onto the third bottle in the picture! ‘Rogue’ is a very strong scent. You don’t need a lot of this on to be able to smell it. Again this is a older perfume however, still a good one to have in your collection. This fragrance was announced as flirtatious. The scent is a mixture of fruit and floral. The last fragrance in the Rihanna collection is ‘Kiss’. This is a new fragrance, only coming out early this year. Following the same bottle design as ‘Crush’ just in a different colour. This is a long lasting scent of plum and white floral.

Other singers

BeFunky Collage2.jpgI love that singers create there own perfumes as most of them smell really good! This section include two different Nicki Minaj and one Ariana Grande perfume. The first Nicki Minaj perfume is called ‘Onika’. This has a long lasting scent. Personally i find this scent sweet and fruity with a powerful scent of coconut, reminding me of the alcohol Malibu. I love the design of the Nicki Minaj perfume bottles as the lid is her head, then the body all have different designs which is pretty creative. The other Nicki Minaj perfume is called ‘Trini Girl’. This perfume is a new addition to the collection. I personally find this perfume more of a summer scent as it smells of a cocktail made with lots of fruits, making it very fruity. The last perfume in this section is Ariana Grande ‘Sweet like candy’. Just like the name of this perfume, the scent is very sweet however not sickly. This scent is long lasting and don’t take many sprays to smell it well. The design of this bottle is amazing and a favourite. It’s a lovely baby pink  and did originally have a pom pom attached however that fell off 😦 .

Other Branded Perfumes.

Untitled design (15.png

Going from left to right of the picture, we firstly have ‘Golden Delicious’ by DKNY. This is my newest addition to my favourite perfumes. This perfume has a refreshing fruit scent. The bottle is like most of there others in this collection, representing an apple I’m pretty sure. The only thing I’m not to keen on is that i feel all of DKNY scents are very similar to each other. The second perfume is ‘Aqua di Gioia’ by Georgio Armani. This perfume is on the higher price end and probably the most expensive out of all of the perfumes shown. It’s a strong perfume, so you only need a few sprays which will last for a very long time. This scent is fruity with a hint of mint, which goes together really well! Third perfume down the line is ‘Intimately Beckham’ by Beckham. This is a older perfume i own but smells amazing! It has a unique scent of roses and vanilla. This fragrance is long lasting and because its a older fragrance, its not expensive. The fourth fragrance is ‘Down Town’ by Calvin Klein. I love almost all of Calvin Klein’s perfumes and this is my newest addition. The scent is strong, so you don’t need to wear a lot in order to smell it. It has a mixed scent of floral and fruity which mix nicely together. Lastly we have’Flora’ by Gucci. This is another brand that i like most perfumes off. This bottle is simple but cute with the added bow around the neck of the bottle. This is another long lasting scent however is not as strong as the others, so a few more spritz of this may be needed. This scent is a mixture of citrus fruits and roses.

Untitled design (14.png

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know in the comments below, what your favourite perfume is! I’m always looking for more to add to my collection.

I look forward to seeing you soon on another post, Tee Blogs over and out!


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