Valentines Day Lush products


Hello there! So its nearly Valentines day 2017 which only means that Lush brings out their Valentines day products…Meaning i have to go see whats on offer this year! So i picked myself up three bath bombs, three bubble bars and one pre-made gift that included a soap bar and a body conditioner. Lets jump right into each of them shall we!

Cupid Bath Bomb

Untitled design (4).png

This bath bomb is on the cheaper end costing £2.95. Not only does it look and smell amazing, it makes your skin really smooth! This bath bomb has a strong raspberry yet sweet scent which filled my bathroom. It made the water a very light pink. (Not adding as much colour as some others i have tried) Lastly the bath bomb had a slow fizz to it making it last longer which was pretty shocking for the price of it!



This bath bomb was a little more expensive than the cupid bath bomb costing £4.25. However extremely moisturising with the added cocoa butter. This bath bomb has a strong scent of vanilla and chocolate orange, creating a sweet scent with a little bit of citrus. Loverlamp did not add any change of colour to the water, however the big soapy red hearts did separate and float in the water with lots of added smaller red hearts. 

Rose Bombshell

Untitled design (6).png

This bath bomb costs the same as Loverlamp at £4.25. Rose Bombshell smells a lot like Lush’s Rose Jam shower gel. It has a strong scent of roses making this bath bomb very floral. I love the design of this bath bomb with the roses on the surface. It makes the bath water a lovely pink and surprises you with some yellow rose petals that come out of the center. This bath bomb left my skin silky soft and smelling amazing!

(To use a bubble bar you run it under running water so it crumbles and dissolves in the water)

Lovestruck Bubble Bar

Untitled design (5).png

This bubble bar cost £4.25 and personally not a big fan unfortunately. The design is super cute and perfect for Valentines day, but was a small bubble bar for the cost. This bubble bar made the water a yellow/orange colour that wasn’t too pretty i must say. It made an alright amount of bubbles but again i expected more for the price. This bubble bars scent was a mixture of citrus and floral, which i’m not sure went together. A strong smell of lemon and floral just didn’t do it for me.

Ladybird Bubble Bar

Untitled design (7).png

This bubble bar was definitely a favourite in this Valentines day selection. It was on the cheaper side at £3.95 but was amazing! The Ladybird bubble bar has a peppermint yet sweet scent that mixes together really well and is not too overpowering. For a cheaper bubble bar it made the bath water a lovely red colour. Not only does this bubble bar look adorable it also made lots of bubbles to lay back and relax in!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Untitled design (9).png

This bubble bar costs £4.25 and is amazing! Firstly how awesome is the design of this bubble bar!? This bubble bar is perfect to relax in during the evening before bed, due to the relaxing lavender scent. The bubble bar creates tons of bubbles which is what a bubble bar is supposed to do right?! It also changes the bath water to a really pretty pink colour with a shimmer due to the added glitter. Overall this bubble bar is up at the number one spot and is highly recommended!!

With Love – Gift set

with love.jpg

This gift set costs just £11.95 and came with two amazing products. These gift sets are a perfect Valentines day gift for someone or you could just get it for yourself! The first product in it was the ‘Love you, love you lots’ soap bar. This bar of soap looks really pretty and smells amazing! It has a rose scent and leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and clean. The second product is ‘Ro’s Argan’ which is a body conditioner. You use this by massaging into wet skin and rinse of just like hair conditioner. It will leave your skin feeling baby soft and smelling amazing. This body conditioner has a sweet scent of roses.

Now that’s all i have for you this time around! Let me know if you try any of these products! (Remember they are mostly a Valentines day product so wont be out for too long!) Also leave me blog post ideas in the comments below.

I look forward to seeing you soon on another post, Tee Blogs over and out!


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