How to get over a bad day


Hello there! Having a bad day or just want to know some ways to get over one? Look no further, i’m about to give you 20 ways how you can help yourself get over a bad day!

Everybody goes through bad days and a lot of the time they start of by something small. This can be traffic, a argument with a friend, parent or significant other or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to help you get over the day and prepare yourself for the next day which will be a good one!

Take a deep breath it’s just a bad day, not a bad life‘ -Unknown

1. Write your thoughts and feelings down

Journaling has always helped myself. Sometimes it’s good to just unload all the negativity into something. Get yourself a notebook and every time you have had a bad day, just write down all your thoughts and feelings. Once you have done this close the book and leave the thoughts/feelings in there! 

2. Read a book 

Reading is a great way to end a bad day. It allows you just escape into another world. So go out there get yourself a good book, light a candle and escape into a new world!

3. Take a look at some inspirational quotes

You can find inspirational quotes anywhere, Google, Pinterest and any other social media! Create yourself a folder in your gallery for inspirational quotes you like. Then when you have a bad day you can easily access them!

4. Do something creative (Drawing, baking or any hobby you may have)

If you are not a fan of writing then maybe drawing your thoughts and feelings will help. Doing anything creative will help you take your mind off the day you just had.

5. Get in a good workout

Getting in a workout can always help! Firstly its a distraction, secondly you will feel amazing afterwards, for accomplishing something that betters yourself! You don’t need equipment etc just a simple workout video will do the job!

6. Go out for a walk and get some fresh air

This is one i use a lot! This doesn’t have to be to anywhere specific, sometimes its nice to just escape everything and take a walk. Take in your surroundings and focus on them rather than how your day went.

7. Watch a movie/YouTube video/TV show

Watching something that you enjoy will for sure make you feel better! Cuddle up in some cosy blankets and watch whatever you’re in the mood for!

8. Take a bath/shower

Personally, one of the best forms of relaxation! Run yourself a hot bath/shower and forget about the stresses of the day! If its a bath add a nice smelling bath bomb to make it 10 times better! Even better if it makes the water change colour! (Can’t remember the last time i had a bath without a bath bomb haha)

9. Call a friend

Call a friend who can always make you laugh no matter what the situation is. This will allow you to vent to a person you trust and hopefully cheer you up!

10. Pet cuddles!

Got a cat or a dog? If your answer is yes, pet cuddles are amazing! Most of the time they will enjoy it too so its a win win situation! 

11. Listen to music

Plug in some headphones and play your favourite songs! Focus on the lyrics and ignore all the thoughts about your day! A good idea is to create yourself a playlist of songs that cheer you up! Try to avoid slow, depressing music.

12. Go shopping

Treat yourself to something you have always wanted or need. You can even just go to a mall and have a look around, if you find something you like why not get it?

13. Do something you have been putting off

This can be anything! Laundry, Cleaning, Emails or even coursework still on your To do list? Go and accomplish one and tick it off that list. This will make you feel more accomplished…even a tiny bit.

14. Take a nap

Sometimes you just need to have a nap and recharge. Going through a bad day can be a lot to handle so rest up and be prepared to take on the rest of the day/tomorrow by recharging your body!

15. Talk to or spend some time with somebody who has a positive outlook

Take some positivity from another person. Try to look on the positive side of your day and if you need help with this, find somebody who often has a positive outlook and discuss your day with them.

16. Get yourself a hot beverage

Put the kettle on and make yourself that perfect Tea, Coffee of Hot Chocolate! Why not add some of your favourite biscuits too? Also whats a hot chocolate without cream and marshmallows? Sit down, put your feet up and enjoy!

17. Eat your favorite snack

You have gone through a bad day so why not spoil yourself and eat your favourite snack. This can be anything you enjoy! Pizza? Ice cream? Whats your favourite?

18. Spend time with loved ones

Put yourself around loved ones. (Significant other, parents, siblings or other family members) Do something you enjoy doing with them and your mood will soon improve knowing you are also making them happy!

19. Unplug from social media

Yeah you read that correctly. Sometimes you do need a break from social media especially when its filled with nothing but negativity. Turn your device off and take some time to yourself.

20. If all fails cuddle some blankets and cry if you need to.

It’s okay to cry when you need to. No this does not make you weak. Cry the emotions out but afterwards get up leave it all behind you and move on! You’ve got this!

Thanks for reading! If you have any other ways off getting over a bad day that i have not mentioned, leave it in the comments below!

I look forward to seeing you soon on another post, Tee Blogs over and out!

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9 thoughts on “How to get over a bad day

  1. Nice post! One day I was feeling down and decided to create a blog to share my viewpoints about life in general. It received a good response and feels good to know that I’ve made a change to peoples lives. You just have to run with it and throw your sad face in the bin!


  2. DOGS! They are the best, and always make me feel better. Number 13 is true as well, and always makes me feel better. Cleaning is instantly rewarding. I’m also all about number 19. I’ve introduced a no-phone-zone during dinner and whilst we watch TV. You can’t do both things at the same time, and we’re on social media so much already that I don’t think it is that much to ask. Great list. Oh and special shoot out to taking a hot shower. Amazing, always.

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