All About Me!

Hello there, I’m Tiffany (Also known and go by Tee a lot). I currently live in London, United Kingdom however was born in Liverpool. I work as a Senior Playworker/Deputy Manager at an extended school service. This is lots of fun but can be hard work at times. I am also studying level 3 Playwork which isn’t as much fun haha

I love anything to do with Youtube, writing, reading (books and blogs), listening to music and spending time with my family, which you will learn more about soon. Between work and doing the stuff that i enjoy i also go through life’s struggles and tests which i’m sure you will get to read about some of them!

I have been wanting to make a blog for months after being inspired mostly by Zoe Sugg (AKA Zoella) who is a British Youtuber and Blogger. After dwelling on the idea for a long time here it is! My blog is called Tee Blogs xo just because well its short, simple and sweet. I also like going by the name Tee rather than Tiffany.

So if you are a lover of anything and everything lifestyle, beauty, travelling and food i would love you to join me on this journey by clicking the follow button!


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